Top 10 universities in Canada for MSc in biotechnology

Biotechnology is such a broad and ever expanding field that you may be surprised exactly how many different degree programmes there is. Interestingly, not all of them are even in the sciences. There are postgraduate courses in biostatistics, bioinformatics, and chemical and biochemical engineering, amongst others. In this article, however, we will be looking at universities that offer a Master of Science degree in biotechnology. Everyone on the internet always loves reading top 10 lists of everything, and so we have compiled a top 10 list of universities in Canada where you can study a M.Sc. in biotechnology. We employed no selection criteria whatsoever; we merely chose a list of 10, and compiled it. Therefore you should not necessarily infer that number 1 is better than number 10. The suspense must be killing you by now, so without further stalling, here’s our meaningless top 10 list:

University of Ottawa – M.Sc. Biostatistics

This interdisciplinary course combines statistics, biology, medicine, and health sciences.

University of Toronto – M.Sc. Genetic Counselling

If you want to provide genetic counselling, you need to study this course.

University of Lethbridge – M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology

You can create the next big frankenfood that Greenpeace wants to destroy when you obtain this degree.

University of Ottawa – M.Sc. Bioinformatics

The University of Ottawa also grabs the 4th spot with another statistics-based biotech course.

University of Toronto – M.Sc. Cell and Systems Biology

The University of Toronto sneaks back onto the list a second time. Learn how genes and proteins organise their cells.

University of Windsor – M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology

You need this if you want to enter the medical biotechnology industry.

Brock University – M.Sc. Biotechnology

A broader course in biotechnology and biochemistry.

McGill University – M.Sc. Biotechnology

Same as the above, just at a different university.

University of Alberta – M.Sc. Biochemistry

The ultimate qualification for future mad scientists.

University of Toronto – M.Sc. Biochemistry

You can also study your mad science at a higher rated university, ranked lower on our random list.

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