Post graduate diploma in biotechnology Canada

Everyone wants to work in biotechnology nowadays, and with its exponential growth and number of available jobs, it’s the smart career choice in the sciences. To meet this demand, almost all universities in Canada now offer bachelors degrees in various fields of biotechnology. From that starting point, graduates can go on to complete more specialised master’s and doctoral programmes, which are essential to secure top jobs in research. If you have already obtained another B.Sc. degree with chemistry and biochemistry courses, you can still enter the world of biotechnology by completing an advanced postgraduate diploma in biotechnology. This will qualify you for working in a biotechnology laboratory, where you can splice genes and mess with DNA to your heart’s content.

One such postgraduate diploma programme is the advanced biotechnology course at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. In their course you will learn all sorts of lab skills and other useful information, such as protein techniques, cell biology, spectroscopy, chromatography, microbiology, DNA techniques, bio-regulations, bio-processing, pharmaceutical microbiology, and pharmaceutics. You can bag this diploma in one year of full-time study, over two semesters.

Food technology is another very exciting field for graduates of bachelor’s degrees in chemistry/biology or engineering. They can jump straight into the second year of the Advanced Diploma in Food Technology course at Centennial College, and complete the qualification in just two years or four semesters on their fast-track programme.

Fast-track diplomas for university graduates in other scientific fields are plentiful, which should come as a relief for students who realised too late that they should have chosen to pursue a qualification in biotechnology right from the start. Conestoga College also offers a fast-track Biotechnology Technician programme to bachelor’s degree graduates in biology or chemistry. Their course will take two semesters of full-time study for holders of accredited degrees, and will qualify students to do mad science in a lab.

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