Biotechnology in Canada salary

The biotechnology industry in Canada is a major employer, and because of the growing number of jobs, you can be sure of a career with a very high salary when you enter this sector. On average, biotech jobs pay salaries of more than double the national median income. That depends on a variety of factors, though, such as the number of years of experience, required level of education, location, and so forth.

The highest salaries in biotechnology in Canada are paid to research scientists. They are the trailblazers of the industry, and are tasked with researching and creating the technology and products of tomorrow. The amount of knowledge and skill that is required is very high, and therefore you can expect a salary to match. They earn on average between C$44,000 and C$94,000 per year, with a median income of around C$68,000. This is not just a very highly paid career, but a very highly skilled one, which usually requires a Ph.D. level postgraduate qualification, so this one is only for the smartest, most tenacious of people. Senior research scientists can earn up to C$112,000 per year, with a median salary of C$82,000.

Second on the list are jobs in the field of biomedical engineering. These jobs pay between C$43,000 and C$90,000 per year, averaging around C$59,000. Most jobs in this varied field require a bachelor’s degree, although some require a master’s degree and a lot of specialised training in mathematics, physics, statistics, and computer science.

The third highest median income is for research associates, at C$52,000 per year. They earn from C$38,000 to C$63,000 per year, which is pretty good for someone playing second fiddle to the real clever guys. You will need a B.Sc. or M.Sc degree for this job, and you may or may not need to sweep the lab and make coffee.

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